Larry Vic Rivada


About Me

My name is Larry

The world is rapidly expanding in the Information Technology that makes almost everyone, every sector and every business become dependent on the digital industry . I believe that the total success of a person and a company depends on the right education, relevant training, right attitude, goal-centered performance, leadership and team player skills , hence I have this philosophy that can address the increasing demands of the human-computer interactions. My records in school and current job performance can attest that I will be an asset to every company.

I am in my final stage of completing a Bachelor's Degree In Applied Information Technology at Waikato Institute of Technology. I believe that having an exemplary academic performance in school and managing a department in one of the renowned food chains in the country is not enough without emerging myself in the realms of the Information Technology world. To practice what I have learnt and have been equipped with is more rewarding and totally enriching that will lead me to become an IT professional that can offer many relevant and effective services to my future clients.